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Chinese electrical industry "tigers" highway competition in the international marketing long way to go's electrical industry is one of the most promising 8 awg wire foreign industry, with the deepening of China's reform and opening up the world of electrical equipment manufacturers to accelerate into this attractive market, become important suppliers of electrical equipment market, in the past China's electrical industry 100, basic foreign-invested enterprises accounted for more than 30 seats.

Wire and cable sample pass rate of 88.2%

Since 2010, the State General Administration of Quality Electrical wires and cables Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Electricity Council, the State Grid Corporation of China Southern Electric wire and cable Power Grid Company, and other departments focusing speed up the upgrading of China's wire and cable product quality and industry level of development. In the past two years, China's wire and cable industry gradually out of the "quality haze, from May to September this year, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the 1762 batch of wire and cable in 10 provinces (autonomous regions) in 1225 production supervision and checking, product sampling rate of 88.2%. The statistics Flat electrical cable show that in 2011, more than one trillion yuan output value of China's cable industry has reached the scale of the world's first. Significantly accelerated the pace of industry restructuring and upgrading the industrial development potential strong.

Targeting high-end home music systems development the biggest obstacle

Two years, family background music industry by leaps and bounds, the manufacturers market activity is increasing, new products continue to be listed on the market channels to carry out steady progress, experience room, the image of the store building full Speaker cable flowering of the increasing number of newspapers and professional media exposure With the rapid development of the family background of the music industry, high quality, intelligent, humane the music home improvement trend Electrical cable types  has been more and more developers and weak Contractors identity, the Family background music system has become common Electrical power cable practice to become smart home is important component. Family background music, however, this emerging industry has faced many problems, so this industry has encountered many bottles.

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Brand to become speaker by dumb
 The brand is important banner of enterprise development, However, many small and medium enterprises in the early days of the operated eyes focused laying in the channel, sales volume, the salesman number of expansion on, ignoring the Speaker cable invisible process of Electrical cable types  growing long-term accumulation of wealth - brand equity, results become the brand of dumb, eat "yabakui.

The new house how to step up home theater

With high-definition large-screen audio-visual enjoy constantly enjoys popular support, many working-class during new home decoration, will consider the step to set up a home theater. However, the concept of the majority of home theater just Speaker cable to stay on the big screen TV, stereo, amplifier, Blu-ray player and other equipment. Many audio and video enthusiasts have begun to choose the projector as a video output device, the projector can bring traditional TV can Electrical cable types  not match the big picture effect, like being in the cinema, to shock audiovisual enjoyment.

Offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry with hot dedicated installation vessel shortage

The National Energy Board organizations to develop renewable energy development in the "12th Five-Year Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") has officially released the "planning" In particular, during the "12th Five-Year" period will Electric Cable be to strengthen the construction of offshore wind power. Build a number of offshore wind power demonstration project in Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other coastal provinces, in order Power Cable to spur offshore wind power technology advances and equipment supporting capacity enhancement.

Wind Power cable: businesses optimistic about the prospects for the development

Renewable energy is increasingly becoming the country's sustainable development because of its clean, green, sustainability, strategic choice. Which wind power is rich in resources, the use of technology is mature, broad prospects flexible cable for commercial application. The wind power industry is driving the rapid development, wind power cable market demand rapid warming. Wind power cable with ordinary cable, higher performance, material requirements. White woven With the increasing competition in the market of conventional cables, various enterprises active in the wind power cable will become the cable industry in response to the country's electrical wire new energy development strategy, independently developed a low-temperature resistance to twisting low temperature resistance Bay, moisture, salt spray resistance, oil resistance, UV the characteristics of wind power, soft removable soft torsional hardy flame retardant special power cable system products.

Electric tools exports need to "collaborative do wars" avoid scale risk

In recent years, power tool industry globalization-in several years ago still fully focused in Europe, North America and Japan the fruit of the market, has now big department transferred to Asian countries. Especially in China, has become a portable, portable, etc. Various kinds of electric tools of the produce of the superpower.


China has become a global power tools production base

From the 1990 s began, through effort, in our country electric tool market, domestic electric power tools of the leading position gradually formed, in recent years, received further consolidate. According to the survey, in the domestic market power tools, domestic electric power tools sales number has accounted for 90% of total sales, and various kinds of imported brand product is only 10% share of the market. Foreign electric tool market, China manufacturing scale expands unceasingly, China has become a global power tools production base.


Yueqing hardware tools confidence is of guiding significance to the production sales

The Chinese electrical appliances located at liushi after index, yueqing and a second market main body confidence hardware tools market main body confidence.

Confidence is the market barometer, yueqing entrepreneurs and soho by logging on the hardware website, understand the hardware tool comprehensive price index, confidence and so on, this production sales and purchase is a guiding significance.



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