Add:No.12 Yuebao Road,Dingqiao Industrial Zone,Haining city,Zhejiang Province
 Zhejiang Huatong Cable Co., Ltd is located in the north of Qiangtang river of Chinese long triangle economic zone , the beautiful city Hangzhou is in the west, the Chinese first metropolis Shanghai is in the east. Our company covers 12,000 square meters. We own the advanced equipment and the testing facility, like the computer control high speed line cable production line, the high speed wire binding machine, ties the silk machine, the drawing machine and the high–pressured test platform, the number reveals the resistance instrumentation and so on
Electrical wire:
flexible cable:
electrical cable:
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China cable the scale of the w...
Sun Xiaowen revealed at the annual meeting in 2012 , the total output value of China 's ...
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Twin and Earth Cable
Products Name: Twin and Earth Cable
Product Description:

Products Name: flat tps cable
Product Description:
Multi-core flexible round cable(three core)
Products Name: Multi-core flexible round cable(three core)
Product Description:
Products Name: Single core flexible wire
Product Description:
single core stranded wire
Products Name: single core stranded wire
Product Description:
Nominal cross-section(mm&su...
Products Name: Single core wire
Product Description:
  Conductor material:COPPER Insulation material:...